Volunteer Spotlight - Dave Werner


Please help us welcome Fire Fighter Dave Werner.  Dave responded to the IFRM’s  need for a Regional Coordinator.   We are very thankful for the strengths he brings us.

Dave Werner has joined the IFRM’s Regional Coordinator Team.  He currently lives and works in Fountain Inn, SC area. He grew up in Northern Wisconsin, spent several years working and going to school in Duluth, MN. Dave has graduated with an A.A.S. in Fire Science and Administration.  Throughout high school he volunteered in his home town with the Three Lakes Fire Department. In college he spent time with several area fire departments to stay current on training. Shortly after moving to SC he was hired by the Gantt District Fire Department as a full time firefighter. He also volunteers and works part time with the Belmont Fire Department. His free time is spent working on his new house, playing with is our black lab Barney, hunting, fishing, brewing homemade beer, and spending as much time as possible with Danielle.


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